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Simple Way To Grow Your Content Marketing With Just 30 Minutes A Day

Summary: To grow your content marketing, follow these simple steps: identify your content marketing goals, gather content, share content, email content, and nurture content.

Have you ever looked at your content and thought, “Man, I could do so much better?” Well, if you answered “yes” to this question, you're in luck! Content is the soul of a website—and it's easy to grow if you know the right way to harvest it. In this blog post, we'll give you a simple formula for content marketing that anyone can apply in just 30 minutes a day. Don't miss out on the potential power of content marketing—start today by following these steps.

Identify Your Content Marketing Goals

Before you can start harvesting content, you need to define your content marketing goals. Your content marketing goals should be specific, measurable, and clear to everyone who needs to know about them. For example, if your content marketing goal is to increase website traffic by 15%, you would want to identify a set of keywords that would help you do that (e.g., software development), collect email addresses from visitors who have visited your website before (e.g., software development), and then send them email with information about software development that they might be interested in learning about

Gather Your Content

Once you've identified your content marketing goals, it's time to gather some content. The best way to gather content is to simply re-purpose existing content. You can use any content you have on your website (e.g., articles, blog posts, etc.) to create your own blog post or article on your website. Just be sure to credit the original creator when you repurpose their content. You can also use existing content to create your own stories. For example, you could create a story about software development that you develop yourself.

Nurture Your Content

Once you've gathered some content, it's time to nurture it—meaning that you should give it energy and energy equivalent meaning. Nurture your content by keeping it updated, sharing it on social media outlets, and emailing it to visitors who asked for it (nurture) rather than asking them to read it (nurture).

Sharing Your Content

Now that you've gathered some content, it's time for sharing! The best way to share your content is via social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Be sure to include your blog title and blog URL in your posts so that people can find you easily. You can also email your shareable content to those who have requested it—this is a great way to gain new followers and new (sometimes more valuable) content for your website.

Emailing Your Content

Finally, remember to email your content as well! Email is still the best way to gain new followers, gain new readers, and gain new email addresses. Emailing your content is also a great way to gain new followers and gain new email addresses. Just make sure to keep it short so that people can get back to their real work and spend more time reading other new content on your website instead.

By following these simple steps—identifying your content marketing goals, gathering your content, nurturing it with energy equivalent meaning, and emailing your content— anyone can grow their content marketing by just 30 minutes a day!